About Me

My name is Jonathan Satchell

and I am a freelance videographer and photographer in the DFW area.

I am drawn to stories and enjoy presenting them specifically in the form of film. All aspects of filmmaking interest me, from writing and filming to directing and editing, you name it.

I have experience shooting weddings, corporate videos, church media, live events, narrative short films and I have worked as a production assistant on many corporate production shoots. I also own professional video, audio, and lighting equipment for HD video production.

In addition to video production, my friend Alex Geringer and I created and host the biweekly film analysis podcast, The Filmlings.

To see a complete list of my past experiences, you can visit my LinkedIn profile. Examples of my work can be found under the Video page on this site. If you would like to talk to me about an opportunity, please visit the Contact page on this site.

Thank you for visiting!


One Comment on “About Me”

  1. Michael Gardner says:

    Grats on the Blog bro. Sent you a couple Endeavor function dates. I’ll be at both and will be glad to introduce you to everyone I can. Peace.

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