Location Scouting

     Previous to this project, any videos that I did took place in my house or backyard or parks close by; anywhere I had easy access to. However this project took place mainly in locations that I needed permissions to film at. Meaning, I needed to talk to people about using their place of business for several nights of shooting.

     The script I wrote took place in only four locations: a coffee shop, a parking garage, a house, and an empty street. The street and house were the easiest because I could use my house whenever I wanted to, and since the street scene took place at night we were not disturbing anyone. Obtaining a parking garage and coffee shop were slightly harder.

We emptied out my whole media room to film the scenes that take place in Simon’s house.

     Finding a parking garage was actually fairly simple. I knew there was a pretty new parking garage behind the Frisco Library, and after my first visit I knew it would work perfectly for the scene. The first thing I had to do was figure out was who to contact. After a tip from my teacher, I emailed the Director of Communication for the city who redirected me to the Facilities Manager who asked me a few questions regarding the script and things we were going to do, but they agreed once I had answered their questions sufficiently.

     The coffee shop was a little bit of a different story however. I knew that I wanted something small or privately owned because I didn’t want to trouble with trying to get the necessary permissions to shoot at a large franchise like Starbucks. After trying a small business and a church to no avail, I spent a day with my production assistant visiting five or six different coffee shops in the area. A little coffee shop in downtown Frisco caught my attention more than the others however. When I visited Sertinos to talk to the manager, who happened to be busy, I ended up just writing an email on my iPad. But when I got up to leave, I ran into the manager and was able to explain my project and plans to her more thoroughly. After she had a chance to discuss it with her husband they agreed to let me and my crew film there for three or four nights after closing until midnight or later. They were very gracious with their time and property. The coffee shop was a huge portion of the locations in the film and they were more than willing to accommodate us as much as we needed.

     This was a great experience as far as learning how to obtain and use various locations for a film project and I can’t wait to be able to film in more diverse and extensive locations.

Up next, Cast and Crew…….


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