For an Eye – “Outline”

Outline: The Tell Tale Heart Retold

The year is 2067. Simon is a server at a coffe shop. He and his friend Cameron are the only two people who work at the shop due to an explosion in the popularity of wireless communication, even for workers and manages. There is also very little traffic through the shop for the same reason. One day Simon gets to work and Cameron isn’t early like usual. He gets a message that Cameron had an accident and is in the hospital. When he comes to work the next day Cameron is wearing an eye patch. The next day Cameron isn’t wearing the eye patch revealing his cyborg eye (or other replacement eye). At first the eye is kinda cool and they joke about it, but eventually, Simon feels like this eye follows him even when the other is looking the opposite direction. He starts to feel like the eye has a mind if its own and that the eye is trying to hurt Cameron. This continues for several weeks until the eye permeates Simon’s thoughts even outside of the shop. It gets in his head and drives him so crazy that he finally decides to get rid of it. One night he tells Cameron that he has to leave early because he doesn’t feel well. He waits behind the shop and when Cameron leaves he follows him. The two walk long into the night. There are no other people outside so Simon is very quiet, but, even so, Cameron eventually gets the feeling of a presence behind him. There is much starting and stopping and looking and hiding, making the already tedious trip even longer. No matter how long it takes, Simon continues with relentless determination. Finally they reach a bridge with a river below. Simon sees the bridge before they arrive and knows that this is his chance. He hurries ahead to the other side of the bridge and as Cameron crosses it he jumps out with a yell and pushes him over the edge. As he turns his back to the edge and hears Cameron hit the bottom he starts trembling. Then begins to smile because the eye will no longer be bothering him. He returns to his home and has a great nights sleep. He returns to work and is exceptionally happy. He gives away several free drinks because of his confidence. When the police begin investigating he happily invites them in and makes small talk over coffee. During the conversation, one of the police men use a phrase that Cameron used to use all the time. Simon stops for a moment, but soon waves it away and continues as before. He goes home in the morning and is a little unsettled by the police’s visit, but it’s nothing he can’t overlook. He returns the next morning just like always. As he walks in he hears the distinct sounds of his ex-partner’s footsteps that he heard so much two nights earlier. He turns around, startled but doesn’t see anything. He goes to investigate but finds nobody there. He goes into the shop rather frazzled. He sits behind the counter and tries to get the thought out of his head. The first customer startles him back to reality. He serves them their coffee and waits for the next customer. He knows that business is sparce, but now the silence overwhelms him. Every little noise is an explosion. The hum of electrical equipment grows louder with every minute. The customer leaves so Simon walks over to clear the table. As he is putting the cleaning supplies away the door opens and he hears Cameron’s voice saying “hey buddy, looks like you need some help,” he turns around and sees a customer finishing a conversation. As he takes his order, another customer enters and orders while Simon is fixing the first drink. After serving the two Simon returns to his place behind the counter and is again left to his own conscious. To distract himself, he pulls out his tablet. Immediately Cameron’s face appears and says “Hey man, sorry I won’t be there today. Gotta rest my eye and all. You understand.” It surprises him and he drops the tablet. The first customer looks up and asks of he’s ok. He says he is and tries to compose himself. He hears the sound of Cameron’s footsteps approching again. He tries to hide. The first customer leaves. He looks at the time. 12:58 am. The shop closes at 1. He goes to tell the other customer to leave but finds that he’s not where he was. Assuming that he left, Simon continues his work closing up the shop. On his way home, he has the feeling that he’s being followed. He constantly looks over his shoulder and sees no one there. when he gets home he quickly gets in the house and locks the door. As soon as he does he hears a knock on the door. He looks through the peep hole and sees no one there. He hears Cameron’s voice in his head saying “I just need to rest my eye” “check out my new eye, man!” and other quotes from earlier. Simon runs to his room yelling “it was the eye! It made me! I’m sorry Cameron! Just, just go away!!!!” Simon wheels around as he hears Cameron’s voice behind him, and sees Cameron holding a knife or a gun “But Simon, I’ve only just arrived. What do you say we go for a walk?” Blackout.


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