An Eventful Week

So this week was rather eventful. I had two commercial shoots back to back. The first commercial was for NERF Super Soaker. Now I know you’re wondering “why would anyone make a Super Soaker commercial in November?” honesty, I have no clue. So they had us shooting water guns in shorts and t-shirts at 9:00am in (what felt like) subzero temperatures. But it was fun, the experience is what counts, right? Anyway, at about 4, when I’m about to leave the shoot, I get a call from my agent. She tells me to stay on hold for either Wednesday or Thursday for another gig that I had auditioned for earlier. Okay, that’s cool. So I wait, and at about 9 she calls again and tells me that I booked the shoot for Wednesday (the next day), and, as a high schooler, my first thought was Well, I guess I’m done with homework. It was an industrial shoot for a company called Univera which produces healthy energy drinks and such. So the shoot was fun, definitely warmer than the day before. I got a new family (temporarily) who was really cool, good thing too because I was hanging out with them all day. We played flag football with the parents to show how much energy the drink gave them, and a scene where we looked out from our nice vacation spot over the mountains to show how rich it made us (not really). Well that was my week last week, you can see the pictures below. I love opportunities like this! It was a great experience.

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