Tip #1: Split Screen Cloning

This is the simplest way I know to create a cloning effect, but I haven’t tried them all yet so I could be wrong. First of all, when you film the shot, make sure that the camera is on a tripod with a set frame. For this technique you need to mentally set two halves of the frame and make sure that the actor does not cross the imaginary line separating those sections. Film each part of the scene on either side of the imaginary line. Then, in editing, split one of the shots along the imaginary line. In pretty much any good editing program you should be able to split the frame in half, whether with a garbage matte (Premier), cookie cutter (Sony Vegas), or a crop tool (Final Cut). Once you’ve done that, overlay the halved shot on top of the other and shift them along the timeline to make the timing right. If you’ve set up the shot and lighting correctly the two frames should meld together, however you may need to feather the edge of the split frame to make it look a little better (as I did). Here is an example that I created to test this technique:


One Comment on “Tip #1: Split Screen Cloning”

  1. Char says:

    You’re an awesome video editor 🙂

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