BrainAtticLOGOREVISEDThis is the blog of freelance editor, cinematographer, photographer, director and founder of Brain Attic Productions, Jonathan Satchell. Here is a chronicle of his adventures on the journey of a cinematic entrepreneur.

In the Reel page you can find examples of work created for personal and professional use, as well as a bit of Photography done mostly for fun. The Blog tab holds various thoughts on film as well as updates on current or upcoming projects. To see what previous clients have to say, visit the Testimonials page. To find out more about Jonathan, you can read his biography in the About Me tab. And finally, if you have a professional inquiry, you can reach out using the Contact tab.

This blog is the culmination of many years of training and work in cinematography. The goal of Brain Attic is to make entertaining, engaging and insightful content that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. From corporate video production, to narrative short films and documentaries, Brain Attic hopes to provide enjoyable and thoughtful content for everyone. Feel free to leave comments or questions on any pages or posts on this site as connection is an important part of the content.

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